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ROS Cheat Plumbum 3.0+ExileD Hack Rules OF Survival Hack PC💚Update 30/08/2018💚Aimbot+Wallhack


How to USE Cheat!

1. TURN OFF/Disabled all Antivirus, windows defender and anymore
2. Drag file "exe" on destop
3. Open Cheat -> use RIGHT CLICK - Run As Administrator!
4. then the website will show and a sound beep will hear, then run the ros.exe
happy cheating

[-]Be careful speed, water walk, Aimbot = easly Report !
[-]and better if you got 1 kill = press f7 (off all fiture) and waiting 2-3 minute next on cheats again!
[-]CHEATS IS SAFE, BUT now easly report = ban!

Download LINKS


[-]Wall**** = F8 ON | OFF
[-]Line Weapon = F9 ON | OFF
[-]Chams Colour = F1,F2,F3 ON | F4 OFF (High/ultra Set)
[-]No Grass = Page Up On | Page Up OFF
[-]Walk on Water = R.Shift (Right Shift) | END Off
[-]AIMBOT = HOLD L.Shift (Left Shift)
[-]Fast Parasute = F10
[-]Grave Mode = F5 ON | F6 OFF
[-]Reset / OFF All Fitur = F7